Golbahar Introduction

New cities are one of the effective factors in the organization and settlement of the population in the country. The new city of Golbahar, 35 km northwest of Mashhad, as one of the city’s cities on the Mashhad-Quchan axis, leads south to the Bialoud mountain range and north to the mountains of the thousand mosque and Kashfrud Mountains, and adjoining the city of Chenaran and Golmakan city.

In this regard, the following objectives have been established:

Establishment of a central facility for the capture and settlement of population overflow in Mashhad

Establishment of higher education, welfare and social services

Establishing centers of specialized services and specialized workshops

Preventing destruction and helping to restore and improve the natural ecosystem of the region

Creating appropriate job opportunities to meet the needs of the resident population

Establishing a desirable city-quality urban environment, which is designed in this regard, plans its activities in three main areas:

(A) Improvement of population absorption and city optimization for settlement

B) creating employment platforms and improving performance

(C) Identity to the city

The studies of the new city of Golbahar have been on the agenda since the year 1366 in implementing the policy of establishing population centers for population centers for major cities. Accordingly, the Golbahar Master Plan was approved in 1993 in four phases and with an area of ​​about 5000 hectares. The first and second phases of the new city with a total area of ​​about 2700 hectares are subject to a detailed plan approved.

Nowadays, with the increase in population and the expansion of urbanization, and as a result of the establishment of new towns, the necessity of developing transport systems is necessary, without the investment on them, it is not possible.

Among the urban transportation systems for passenger transportation, the rail systems have a special place due to their characteristics, features and privileges, among which a fast train was introduced as a suitable system for the new city of Golbahar. .

The plan for the construction of the electric train in Mashhad in Golbahar was in line with the budget law of 1390. After the activation of the agreement No. 40903216, the activities related to carrying out studies and the implementation of the approved route for 37 km in 3 phases are being carried out by the contractors concerned, and on 94 / 11/6 Financing contract Construction and completion of the Golbahar-Mashhad electric train route with a value of approximately 299 million euros was signed with the Norinko Corporation of China and thanks to Iran.

Other projects built and under construction in the new city of Golbahar include a tourist and recreational complex of 50 hectares of lake, of which 15 hectares are being constructed and in operation, as well as the first site of educational and recreational and free travel Mashhad Golbahar Chenaran noted that its executive operation was initiated on the order of the Ministry’s top level on 16/06/06.